Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to Practice Good Elevator Etiquette

Good elevator etiquette is one of many important things to know. Whether you're at work, college, or living in a high-rise apartment, it never hurts to be courteous on an elevator. Here's how:

1. While waiting to board the elevator, stand away from the doors. Someone may be exiting at this floor, and you should always let them exit before you attempt to board. It could also save your life one day.

2. Take the stairs if you are going less than two floors up or down, unless you are carrying heavy packages, or are injured or disabled.

3. Hold the door if someone is coming in, within reason of course. If someone is coming from outside of the elevator and may want to get on, it’s good elevator etiquette to hold the elevator for them and ask them if they want a ride.

4. Don't hold the door for minutes for a friend or colleague who has taken a quick "side-trip" such as to get coffee, go to the restroom, etc. Never hold the door more than one round (15-20 seconds) on a crowded elevator.

5. Break the ice politely if you wish. It never hurts to say "Good Morning" or "Hello" to people. This will help break the ice and chances are no one else is going to do it. However, this is not a necessary step, and don't say things that might freak people out.

6. Give people their space, if possible. There is nothing more annoying than having someone stand six inches from you on an un-crowded elevator. If the elevator is crowded, give as much space as you can without crowding others or yourself.

7. If at all possible, refrain from using your cell phone on the elevator.

8. If you are standing near the buttons, be willing to push a button for someone who asks if you can.

9. Exit quickly when you reach your floor. Get out quickly so that those waiting to board can do so. Don't worry about letting other people off first, because that might be a cue for "door hoverer s" (people who are boarding, who crowd you when trying to exit). Simply exit in a quick and orderly fashion.

10. Stay farthest from the door if you will be the last person to step out. If you are traveling to the ground or top most floor, its better to stand farthest from the elevator doors after you board the lift. This way you will avoid inconveniencing others.

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